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Having trouble taking a screenshot on your Windows PC or computer? Are you looking for an advanced and faster tool for taking screenshots? If your answer is yes, for sure you dropped in the right destination. While we use our personal computers, we take different screenshots for multiple purposes. Often out there on the internet, some pieces of information catch our attention and we want to store that for later use. In this way, we need screenshot software for multiple categories of usages. But the biggest issue is to find the best, most flexible, and feature riched tool amongst the tons of other identical software prevailing on the internet. Reducing your hardship and intimidation, we are introducing the best and most usable capture application tool. Now to get lightshot free for your Windows, let’s directly get to Download The Best Screenshot Software: LightShot for yourself.

Key Features and Highlights:

LightShot is a screen capture software, with which you can save any picture on your screen with a straightforward press on the button. As a little something extra, rather than simply saving the picture to your hard drive, you can transfer it online.

  • Quick screen capture of a chosen region:

Just with a double-tap on the mouse, you can take screenshots of a chosen area in a very short time. It’s super easy to use and saves our valuable time as well.

  • Simple to-utilize application:

The straightforward interface of the application, its valuable highlights, and its lightweight make your work so quick and lovely. All you need is to just move your mouse and drag the area that you want to capture within the system.

  • Offer screen captures through the Internet:

Transfer your screen capture to the worker and move its short connection immediately.

  • Incredible editors:

After taking any shot through this application, you can add visual effects to the picture like color or any type of drawing with a freehand tool. You can also highlight specific areas or use the text editor to add any comments.

  • Comparative picture search:

Discover comparative pictures. Select any picture on your screen and discover many comparative pictures.

  • Different Platforms:

Light Shot is accessible for Windows/Mac, Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Opera.

  • Various formats supported:

This application can support multiple types of file formats like JPG, PNG, and so on. You can easily handle this free and small-sized software by capturing different types of content within a very short time.

  • Free Use:

The LightShot has been licensed as freeware to use on a PC or laptop. This application is supported with both 32 bit and 64-bit operating systems. It is available as a free download for all freeware users.

The Technical Informations of LighShot at a glance:

File Name Setup-lightshot.exe
File Size 2.6 MB
Total Downloads from Official Site 693,890+
Operating System Windows 10,8,7, Vista, XP
Language English and 14 more.
Category Capture
License Free
Average Rating 4.50 out of 5
Author Skillbrains
Latest version LightShot


Lightshot free download for Windows 10,8,7 /Vista/ XP :

To download the latest version of LightShot 2021 for free, just click on the download button below from the source and enjoy the best screenshot software for your personal and business usage.

After you have successfully download the LightShot, this is the time to install it on your Windows System. It’s no different. Just like the other software installation process, this tool also has the same method to install. Go to the downloaded file and double click on the executable file (exe file) -“Setup-lightshot.exe”. After double-clicking on that file, you will be taken to the setup options and processes. Then follow the setup steps to complete the installation. Here you go. I hope you didn’t have any trouble Download The Best Screenshot Software: LightShot.

Lightshot Screenshot

Final Advice: LightShot is a pleasant swap for the standard PrtScr usefulness in Windows. It includes an amazing feature on the web manager, however, needs additional catching choices.LightShot is one of the amazing tools that are available on the internet, which you can use for taking great screen capture with super flexible and enriched features and functionalities. It’s anything but an interface that keeps everything straightforward, while the cunning execution of various drawing apparatuses and fast sharing choices on different, mainstream informal communities make it worth giving a try assuredly. It is indeed a wise decision to select and get LightShot free for your windows.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How would I take a screen capture?

To take any screen capture on your desktop or in any place throughout the system, just click on the PrntScr button from your keyboard or select the LightShot from the lower icons and then drag your mouse to the area you want to take a screenshot.

  1. For what reason do I require LightShot if Windows presently has a quicker screen capture apparatus previously introduced?

You can squeeze “Windows Key” and “Print Scrn” on your console at this moment and auto-save a bunch of discovering screen captures to your PC. Nonetheless, Lightshot permits you to make efforts if more modest chose spaces of your screen rapidly. Besides, you may run a comparable picture look, you may utilize the LightShot picture editors, and you may share your screen captures rapidly through the Internet.

  1. How would I eliminate a screen capture from

You should contact the help group to eliminate the screen capture, do this by squeezing the maltreatment button under the picture, or you can email the help group at

  1. How might I discover the screen capture I have taken?

You can have all the screenshots that you have taken from your LightShot account or you can also save the pictures anywhere into your local computer. After every picture you take, there will be an option to select the directory of your capture into your computer system.

  1. What picture designs does Lightshot support?

This screen capture device upholds BMP, jpg, and png document designs. Jpg and Png are more modest document estimates that are more appropriate for Internet use, and BMP records are more definite and are better utilized for altering and photoshopping.

  1. What am I not permitted to transfer?

You are permitted to transfer obscenity, however, the chairmen will point out and eliminate whatever they consider being “inordinate” foulness. You are likewise not permitted to transfer nakedness, erotic entertainment, rough substance, scorn-based substance, or any substance showing kids or creatures in any type of pain.

  1. Is LIghtShot available on MAC?

Yes, you can also use LightShot on your MAC operating system. If you can’t take speedy save screen captures on your Mac as you can on your Windows gadget, then, at that point LightShot might be helpful for you. I continue to have issues with my Lightshot, how would I be able to respond.

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